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Morel's Private Island Resort is just offshore from Guinbirayan, Santa Fe, Tablas Island, Romblon Province, Philippines.

Travel From Boracay Island

Bankas depart daily at 10am from Tabon Plaza, Caticlan, to various locations on Tablas Island, Romblon. Tabon Plaza is a basketball court approximately one kilometer from the main Caticlan pier, with a tricycle costing P70 per trip.

Chartered Banka MB Cyrus

The fastest and most convenient Boracay travel is by chartered banka. For P5,000 you can travel direct between Boracay Island and Morel's Private Island Resort in less than one hour at any hour of the day.

We offer significantly cheaper charter rates than Boracay operators and use local crew who know the waters between the two islands. Please contact us for bookings.

MB Cyrus MB Cyrus

Daily Santa Fe Banka Service Brosis

Large bankas operate daily between Tabon Plaza in Caticlan and Santa Fe in Tablas Island.

Trip time is around 90 minutes at 200 pesos per passenger, with a further 20-30 minutes travel through rural countryside to the resort pick up point by either pre-arranged or public transport.

Brosis Brosis

Daily Guinbirayan Service Smaller Banka

Smaller bankas operate daily between Tabon Plaza in Caticlan and Guinbirayan in Tablas Island, passing our island around 8am for Boracay and arriving from Boracay around 2pm, depending on tides.

These bankas service a number of remote fishing communities between the islands. Trip time is around two hours and costs up to P200 per passenger.

Please contact us on your day of travel for that days schedule.

Smaller Banka Smaller Banka Smaller Banka Smaller Banka

Travel From Manila

There is no flights or direct sea ferry services from Manila to Romblon. Travel is by daily overnight ferry from Batangas pier to Tablas Island.

Batangas pier is approximately two hours drive from Manila. Buses depart regularly from Cubao, Buendia and Alabang bus terminals. All taxi drivers will know the nearest terminal. Buses from Batangas to Manila are on the pier as you disembark.

Ferries dock at Odiongan, Tablas Island with a further 90-120 minutes travel through rural countryside to the resort pick up point by either pre-arranged or public transport.

2GO Travel 2GO Travel2GO

The most tourist friendly of the ferry services.

Route Sails Departs Arrives
Batangas - Odiongan Tue/Fri 9.00 pm 4.00 am
Odiongan - Batangas Thu/Sun 11.00 am 6.00 pm

Current rates and bookings can be accessed here

2GO Travel 2GO Travel 2GO Travel 2GO Travel 2GO Travel 2GO Travel

Super Shuttle RoroSupper Shuttle RoroSuper Shuttle Roro

Route Sails Departs Arrives
Batangas - Odiongan Tue/Thu/Sat 3.00 pm 12.00 am
Odiongan - Batangas Mon/Wed/Fri 8.00 pm 5.00 am

Passenger tickets from P650 to P880. Vehicles from P7,500.

Montenegro Shipping LinesMontenegro Shipping LinesMontenegro Shipping Lines

Route Sails Departs Arrives
Batangas - Odiongan Daily ex Tue 5.00 pm 3.00 am
Odiongan - Batangas Daily ex Wed 5.00 pm 3.00 am

Current rates can be viewed here

Other Routes

Other routes include large banka boats from Roxas Mindoro to Odiongan and the Super Shuttle Roro from Culasi, Iloilo City, Aklan to Odiongan.

Travel on Tablas Island

Private Transport

Private TransportThere are several private vehicles for hire within Romblon. We can pre-arrange private transport to and from the the island pickup point at Guinbirayan at the rates below.

Travel Time 1 - 12 adults 12+ adults
Tugdan Airport 45 min 2250 4500
Odiongan Pier 90 min 2750 5500
Santa Fe Pier 20 min 2000 4000
Looc Pier 45 min 1750 3500

Public Transport

Jeepneys are the only public transport within Romblon. The Bulk Carrier jeepney service (or stand in) runs six days a week between Odiongan Public market and the island pickup point at Guinbirayan, passing through Looc and Santa Fe public markets.

Bulk Carrier

Bulk Carrier: Odiongan - Guinbirayan
Odiongan Looc Santa Fe Guinbirayan
Mon-Thu 10.00 am 10.30 am 11.30 am 12.00 pm
Fri & Sun 2.00 pm 2.30 pm 3.30 pm 4.00 pm
Rate 100 pesos 50 pesos 20 pesos -

Bulk Carrier: Guinbirayan - Odiongan
Guinbirayan Santa Fe Looc Odiongan
Mon-Fri & Sun 5.00 am 5.30 am 6.15 am 7.00 am
Rate - 20 pesos 50 pesos 100 pesos

Travel times vary depending on passengers, supplies and number of stops. Visitors are encouraged to enjoy our provincial style of transport with it's laid back pace and uncertain travel times.

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